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Episode 2 - Just Wait a Minute! E-mail

Just Wait a Minute!
I?ll bet you think it?s an eternity waiting for your turn at the take out. Just how long do you think you?d have to wait in the afterlife for your turn to sit on an empty park bench?

Bench Nazi
Download the park scene as wallpaper.
Main Dead Guy: Michael Steel
Doubtful Salmon: Corinne Friesen
Narrator: Corinne Friesen
Snitfidgets: Alex Steel, Michael Steel
Grass: Michael Steel, Alex Steel, Laura Carlsen
Sound Effects: Corinne Friesen
Park Watercolour by Corinne Friesen

Theme Music: Jason Amm Courtesy of Solvent

But It On
Hear ever tea cup clink, audio CDs of this journey through the afterlife.


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